From the green valley bisected by the Mur River up to the mountains, this is all nature itself. The region is made magical by the myriad contrasts of the landscape. On foot or by bike, on the water or in the beautiful mountains, the region offers plenty of opportunities for an active and varied holiday.

Everyone knows that the healthiest wind in Austria blows in the Murau-Kreischberg region. The conscientiousness of the locals, with whom they cultivate their environment, also benefits the visitors. The town of Murau and the surrounding villages all offer the perfect tranquility and comfort for a relaxing holiday. The region has a lot to offer for a carefree holiday: mountain biking, beach volleyball, tennis, cycling, golf, rafting, hiking, horse riding, swimming and much more.


The Murau-Kreischberg region presents a wonderful experience of nature to the visitor and beats the heart of all lovers of hiking. Explore the enchanting landscape along the Mura and the Murau mountains on well-marked roads. The region has everything from alpine landscapes to soft ridges and mountain pastures to family hiking trails and pleasant huts that a hiker can wish for. There is a hiking trail here for all tastes and ages. If you want to hike in the flowery alpine meadows, you can comfortably reach the mountain with the Kreischberg cabin lift. (in July, August on Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays). Hiking holiday at the Mura: during the day you can enjoy the beauties and charm of Styrian nature, and in the evening you can taste the Murau specialties of the region's cuisine in pleasant company.


Mura Valley Bike Trail from Steinerkas Cheese and Murau Beer to Wine and Seed Oil

The Mura Valley cycle path (R2) is considered by experts to be the most beautiful river cycle path in Austria.

As diverse as the landscape is, there are many experiences and destinations to be explored. The section crossing the Murau holiday region starts in Predlitz, from where it leads to Stadl / Mur on the left bank of the Mura. At Sradl, through the Mursteg ("gate to the Mura Valley"), the bike path continues to the other bank to Murau. From here it heads in the direction of Unzmark and Judenburg. The total length of the bike path in the Murau region is about 45 km.

The stunning variety of different landscapes makes cycling really attractive in the Murau region no matter what type of bike you choose. Bicycle paths along the Murau, though hills and shady forest trails or idyllic valleys entice you to explore the region. The route of the bike tours has been designed so that participants can take part in a varied journey of discovery. It is the best opportunity to get to know the countryside, the people who live here, the customs, the culture and the specialties of regional gastronomy and to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Bicycle train on the Mura Valley railway (Murtalbahn)

The narrow-gauge small train between Unzmarkt and Tamsweg offers a great service for cyclists along the Mura. Bicycle transport is available in all cars.

There is a detailed brochure in the apartment for more information.


The provincial exhibition entitled "Holzzeit" made Muraut the capital of wood and the center of the world of wood in Austria. Accompanied by the wood ambassadors, they can take an interesting walk in the city of wood and beer and learn a lot of interesting information on these topics. In Murau, you can also encounter internationally recognized, outstanding wooden buildings and architectural specialties.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the "first Upper Mura Valley Brewery Cooperative", Murau was awarded the title of "City of Beer" in July 2010. Since its founding in 1910, the Brewery has worked closely with the town of Murau. The title "City of Beer" is a special award for the city, as the brewery enjoys excellent news internationally and thus made the name of Murau known beyond national borders.